Town Office

Town of Greenwood
593 Gore Road
Greenwood, ME 04255
Tel: 875-2773 Fax: 875-2420

Town Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday, 8:00am to 6:00pm
Closed Thursdays & all Federal Holidays

Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of the Poor

Fred Henderson, Chair, June 30, 2019
Arnold Jordan, June 30, 2020
Amy Chapman, June 30, 2018
Selectmen meetings held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:00pm

Town Manager, Tax Collector, Treasurer

Kimberly Sparks

Deputy Clerk

Angela Lovejoy

Highway Foreman

Alan Seames

Highway Crew

Zack Yates
Ken Cole
Kenny Grover

Codes Enforcement & Plumbing Inspector

Joelle Corey-Whitman

G & W Transfer Station

Dale Crockett
Lloyd Sweetser
Richard Austin

Animal Control Officer

Osman “Ozzie” Hart

EMA Director

Hartley “Skip” Mowatt

Greenwood Fire Department

Albert Curtis Jr., Fire Chief and Fire Warden, Int. Cert.
David Goodwin, Assistant Chief, Int. Cert.
Albert Curtis III, Captain
Jason Thayer, 1st  Lieutenant
Zachary Yates,  2nd  Lieutenant, Int. Cert.


Bill Bickford
Mariah Letourneau
Marty Letourneau
Ken Cole, Int. Cert.
Brian Letourneau
Roberta Curtis
Mercedes Letourneau
William Curtis, Int. Cert.
Mike Redman
Hannah Huston
Thomas Westleigh
Maggie-Ann Bergeron
Milton Inman (Life Member)
Hugh “Cubby” Swan (Life Member)

Jr. Firefighters

Marty Letourneau*
Jennie Wakefield*
Fabian Corriveau Jr*.
Robert Sicotte’
Mercedes Letourneau
Thomas Westleigh
Austin Corriveau
Robert Sicotte’

*Interior Certified when they turn 18 years of age
First Responders
EMT Certified: David Goodwin * Albert Curtis III,
EMR Certified: Albert Curtis Jr. & Brian Letourneau

Budget Committee

Brian Dunham, Chair
Francis Piccirillo
Larry Merlino
Bill Bickford

Dam Keepers

Gary “Butch” Fuller
Pete Seaman, Alternate

Planning Board

David Brainard, Chair May  01, 2015
Larry Merlino,Vice Chair Dec.  31, 2016
Eva Mills, Secretary Sept. 31, 2016
Jim St. Germain Dec.  31, 2018
David Stearns Dec.  31. 2017
Vacant, Alternate
Vacant, Alternate

The Planning Board meets the 1 Monday from November through April at the Town Office at 7:00 pm and the 1

Appeals Board

Norman Millett     Dec. 31, 2014
Bill Bickford,     Apr. 17, 2015
Michael Daniels     Apr. 16, 2016
Vacant, Alternate
Vacant, Alternate

S.A.D. #44 School Board Directors

Richard Melville June 30, 2016
Staci Sandvoss June 30, 2015
Tammala Goodwin June 30, 2014

Town Buildings Committee

Gary Fuller Hugh Swan
Blaine Mills Tony Chapman
Jim St. Germain

A  Special thanks To our volunteers & Committee Members

Greenwood has always been proud of our active, vital community.  We wanted to give recognition to all those who help keep our community alive.

To all who have stepped forward and donated your precious time to serve,  we are grateful to you for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you all for a job well done.

Greenwood  Board  of Selectmen